Ground Hog 8″ Pengo Style Auger


Ground Hog’s best 8″ auger.

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8-inch auger with Pengo style pilot bit and side blades. For all soil conditions. Ground Hog is leading the industry with their 7/8 in. square auger drive that they have been using for over 50-years. High quality, heavy-gauge, welded steel construction provides for an auger that is durable. Their augers are designed to be used on all Ground Hog earth drills that have the 7/8 in. square auger drive.


  • Makes an 8 in. Dia hole
  • Heat treated cast alloy steel boring head
  • Replaceable forged steel side cutting teeth
  • Screw in, hard faced alloy steel pilot bit
  • Powder coated surface


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