SEA 20


As part of the versatile AS System, the battery-powered SEA 20 handheld vacuum brings the power of STIHL into the home.

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SEA 20 handheld vacuum brings the power and performance you know and trust from STIHL to cleanup tasks around the home. With a variety of attachment accessories from a hose extender to a crevice nozzle, the SEA 20 can take on cleaning tasks in hard-to-reach areas. Weighing just under three pounds with battery, this lightweight, quiet vacuum is easy to maneuver in tight spaces around the house, plus a rubberized grip makes it comfortable to hold while you work. A two-stage filter and sealing flap help keep the dirt and debris inside the unit and not floating in the air or escaping out the side of the collection container. The removable container makes emptying dirt and debris quick and easy. The unit also includes a carrying bag to keep all your accessories in one place, and an onboard hanging slot allows you to store the SEA 20 out of the way on the wall.


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