Climb Right Aluminum Spurs with ‘T’ Pads


‘T’ pads provide expanded padding around the shin and are much more comfortable.

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Climb Right’s climbing spurs feature a patented design which gives that strength, durability and style! Unlike 1-piece climbers, these utilize a 2-piece design with a lower “J” portion that is precision milled to exact tolerances. It is then matched to an aerospace grade aluminum upright. These climbers also use Climb Right’s “Quick Change” gaffs. These forged gaffs use a rapid-change 2-screw design that enables the operator to switch or replace the gaffs with ease. Another great feature is the dual purpose “Grip Strip” on the bottom of the lower “J” portion. This patented feature provides added traction while walking on tree limbs, and doubles as a wear strip to inform you when it’s time you replace your spurs.


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