ISC RP048 Compact Rigging Pulley


The Pulley plates are made from hot forged Aluminium and it is this manufacturing process which allows such a compact pulley to boast such great strength and dynamic load bearing capacity.

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At approximately half the size of the standard small rigging pulley and weighing in at only 490 g (1lb), the new Compact Rigging Pulley offers a highly impressive strength to weight ratio with an 85 kN (19000 lbf) MBS and a WLL of 17 kN (3800 lbf).

Working Line (Grey Sheave): 
1 3mm (1/2″) – 38 kN (8500 lbf)

Topping Strop (Red Sheave):
16 mm (5/8″) – 74 kN (16650 lbf)

The Compact Rigging Pulley is fitted with a spring-lock closure mechanism.

(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN) 85
(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (lbf) 19000
Pulley wheel color Grey
Anchor wheel color Red
Wheel material Aluminium
Body finish Anodized
Color Green/grey
Weight (grams) 490
Weight (ounces) 16
Height (mm) 125
Height (inches) 5
Width (mm) 76
Width (inches) 3


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