Climb Right High Visibility Steel-Core 1/2x10ft Flipline


Wire core fliplines are very popular lanyard systems because they flip easily around trees, and they offer a higher level of cut resistance as compared to standard rope lanyards.

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Auto-locking steel swivel snaps have a 5,000 lb. breaking strength. The 1/4″ steel aircraft-grade cable forms an eye at each end over a steel thimble. The eyes are formed by crimping with an improved bracket which helps to extend the working life of the flipline.

Wire core flipline (also known as steel core) from Climb Right. Climb Right wire core fliplines are made with a 16-strand synthetic rope cover braided over 1/4″ steel cable and held securely in place with a swaged fitting. Each Climb Right wire core flipline is individually load tested to 650 lbs. These fliplines come with a steel swivel snap on one end.


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