Stihl TrimCut 31-2 Line Head


This manual-feed mowing head with its low profile and nylon line magazine is particularly suitable for mowing low-growing grass around solid obstacles.

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For Use on Models: FS 44, FS 55, FS 56 (from 2008 on), FS 70, FS 80, FS 83, FS 85, FS 90, FS 100 RX, FS 110, FS 120, FS 130, FS 200, FS 250, KM 55, KM 56, KM 85, KM 90, KM 110, and KM 130

Manual Feed, Dual Line Cutting Head for Trimmers and Brushcutters.

Applications: For Lawn Trimming and Mowing Large Areas of Heavy Grass and Weeds.

Split Spool with Notch – Reduces Line Welding, Operator can Quickly Reload Line

Captured Spring – No Loose Parts – Nothing to Misplace While Respooling


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