Stihl Autocut C 25-2 String Trimmer Head


Cutting heads with EasySpool™ made for fast loading without opening.

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STIHL AutoCut® EasySpool™ trimmer heads are easy loading cutting attachments that do not require any disassembly of the head. Made of durable and robust heavy-duty plastic, these trimmer heads are ideal for residential trimming applications. They are compatible with thick lines and feature improved line release while trimming by simply tapping the head on the ground. EasySpool™ allows users to reload the trimmer line easily without disassembling the head, resulting in a fast and hassle-free process. Depending on the model, AutoCut® EasySpool™ trimmer heads are compatible with most straight or curved shaft trimmers.

For Use On Models: FS 44, FS 45, FS 56, FS 70, FS 80, FS 85, FS 90, FS 100 RX, FS 110, FS 130, KM 55, KM 56, KM 85, KM 90, KM 110, KM 130


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