ECHO Speed Feed 450 High Capacity Trimmer Head


The revolutionary ECHO Speed-Feed 450 is a high capacity head that takes the hassle out of refilling your trimmer head, and is the easiest tap-to-advance head available on the market today.

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The unique design allows you to reload in under 30 seconds in just 3 easy steps, all without disassembling the head, to save you time and get you back on the job faster.

The head is designed with a smooth bottom to easily glide across the ground to deliver an even cut, while the line is easily advanced by tapping the bottom of the head on the ground. ECHO Speed-Feed 450 is built for rugged applications where medium to heavy-duty cutting are required.

  • Ideal for commercial landscapers and professionals
  • Rugged head for medium to heavy-duty trimming applications
  • Simple tap-to-advance to reload
  • Accepts up to 25′ of .095″ line
  • Unique line divider eliminates line entanglement
  • Comes pre-loaded with .095″ Cross-Fire
  • Reloads in less than 30 seconds with 3 easy steps
  • Accepts maximum line diameter .130″
  • Comes standard on SRM-280, SRM-280S, SRM-280U and SRM-280T
  • Compatible with older ECHO SRM models SRM-266, SRM-266S, SRM-266T and SRM-266U
  • Compatible with ECHO SRM models SRM-2620, SRM-2620T, SRM-2620U


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