ECHO Power Edger Blade (2-Pack)


Get a nice clean edge on that driveway, lawn, sidewalk or flower bed by using one of ECHO’s Standard or Premium Edger Blades on your edger.

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Stihl’s edger replacement blades ensure outstanding performance, durability and quality of cut while helping to extend the life of the equipment by replacing dull and tired blades at regular intervals.

  • Ideal for professionals and homeowners
  • For use on all ECHO edgers
  • Quality blade construction for performance and reliability
  • Optional fit for non-ECHO edgers with a 25mm arbor
  • High grade steel for durability and corrosion-resistance

Designed for Use with: PE-225, PE-230, PE-231, PE-260, PE-261, PE-265, PE-265S, PE-266, PE-266S, PE-280, PE-310, PE-311, BRD-280, PAS Bed Redefiner Attachment, PAS Curve Shaft Edger Attachment, and PAS Straight Shaft Edger Attachment



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