ECHO You Can Maintenance Tune-Up Kit #90152Y


Be proactive with your ECHO equipment maintenance and keep it running like new season after season with the 90152Y Tune-Up Kit.

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You can do it; it’s easy. Extend engine performance and longevity by performing routine maintenance with one of ECHO’s many tune-up kits. All primary routine maintenance components are included in one convenient package to help save you time and money. The Tune-Up Kit contains genuine ECHO replacement parts.

Includes: fuel filter, air filter and spark plug

For Maintenance On:

GT-200i/R, GT-225/i/L/SF, GT-251E, SRM-210/iSB/U, SRM-211/i/SB/U, SRM-225/i/SB/U, SRM-230/S/U, SRM-265/S/T/U, SRM-251E, PPF-210, PPF-211, PPF-225, PPT-230, PPT-265/S, PE-200, PE-225, PE-230, PE-265/S, TC-210/i, HC-150/i, HC-151/i, HC-152, HC-155, HC-160, HC-161, HC-165, HC-180, HC-181, HC-185, HC-201, HC-225, HC-230, HC-231, HC-233, HC-234, HC-235, HC-245, HCA-265, HCS-3020, HCS-4020, SHC-210, SHC-211, SHC-212, SHC-225/S, SHC-265, PB-200, PB-201, PB-250/L, ES-210, ES-211, ES-250, PAS-225/SB, PAS-230, PAS-265


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