ECHO You Can Maintenance Fuel System Kit #90137Y


Keep your ECHO equipment running like new by extending engine performance and longevity with the 90127Y Fuel System Kit.

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Fuel system components are vital to engine health. Regular fuel system maintenance will prevent dirt and debris from entering your carburetor. Blocked or partially clogged fuel filters will cause hard starting and low power output. Being proactive with routine maintenance can save you time, money, and downtime. The Fuel System Kit contains genuine ECHO replacement parts.

Includes: Fuel Filter, Fuel Lines, Grommet, Gasket, Purge Bulb

For Maintenance On: SRM-265/S/T/U, SRM-266/S/T/U, PPT-265/H/S, PPT-266/H, PE-265/S, PE-266/S, HCA-265, HCA-266, SHC-265, SHC-266, PAS-265, PAS-266


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