WAYNE PC4 Portable Transfer Utility Pump


The PC4 has an easy-access handle to take the pump anywhere.

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Wayne’s 1/2 HP 115-Volt powerful cast iron, transfer water pump can pump water out of flooded basements, stock tanks, or boats with ease. It can also increase line pressure by up to 50 psi to water lawns and gardens, and can even be used to wash cars and sidewalks.


  • Generates up to 50 psi at outlet hose; generates up to 15 ft. of suction lift at inlet hose
  • Rugged, cast iron pump and motor housing
  • Non-submersible
  • 1/2 HP; max. flow rate is 1450 GPH; 1270 GPH at 15 ft. of suction lift
  • 3/4 in. garden hose adapters at inlet and discharge
  • Removing water from flooded basements, draining hot water heaters, flushing water lines, charging polyglycol radiant heating lines


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