Shindaiwa M242 Multi-Tool


A versatile, economical 2-stroke power source to handle all commercial landscaping needs.

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The Shindaiwa M242 Multi-Tool System is a whole tool chest that works off one power head. The split boom and positive coupler design of the M242 allows for quick and easy changing of eight different attachments.

The M242 features the durable Shindaiwa 242-series 23.9cc engine which is equipped with a dual ring piston and chrome-plated cylinder and represents the latest in 2-cycle engine technologies. The engine provides an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and features that promote longer unit life, quieter operation and reduced exhaust emission.

The M242 is fitted with the Walbro barrel-valve carburetor with primer for quick starts, all-position operation and superior throttle response. T his model is very lightweight, just 9.3 lbs, without attachments and has a remarkable anti-vibration system for reduced operator fatigue.


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